Empowerment coaching guides you in managing stress effectively, helping you find inner peace and calm amidst life’s challenges.

Add joy to your life

Empowerment coaching supports you in creating a joyful and fulfilling life, filled with purpose, balance, and an unwavering belief in your own potential.

Find direction

When feeling stuck, empowerment coaching assists in gaining clarity, igniting a sense of direction and purpose on your healing journey.

Live a life worth living

Empowerment coaching encourages self-exploration, enabling you to uncover your true passions, values, and purpose in life.

Empowering you to step into a life worth living.

 Are you ready to learn how to manage stress so you can truly start living?

“Seek tranquility in the midst of chaos, just as the kingfisher does in turbulent waters.” – Kingfisher

Yes, life’s journey is filled with hurdles and challenges which test our resilience and determination, but at Journey with Passion, I equip you with tools to navigate circumstances, redefine expectations, and rediscover your purpose to experience joy and fulfilment. Nurture your personal growth by embracing resilience as your shield. Through challenges, you’ll emerge not only stronger and wiser but also prepared to overcome any hurdles ahead. 

Let’s rewrite your story into a story of victory, paving the way for a future overflowing with limitless possibilities. Uncover the resilience within yourself, sparking growth in your mind, body, soul, and spirit. Cultivate strategies to navigate obstacles, turning setbacks into sources of strength and empowerment. If you’ve faced rejection, endured abuse, or experienced loss and now seek change, join me on this transformative journey.

I’ll help you to manage stress, heal from pain, build resilience, communicate confidently, embrace change, enhance change, enhance happiness, navigate setbacks positively, overcome emotional barriers and prioritise meaningfulness and so much more!

The direction of your attention shapes your destiny. Together, we will unlock your true potential and help you become the best version of yourself. Together, let’s conquer the storms and reach the summit of a fulfilled life.

I am pleased to recommend Linda Montgomery, a professional whose dedication to helping others overcome their challenges is both inspiring and transformative. Linda’s approach is deeply rooted in her Christian faith, which she skillfully integrates with practical counseling techniques. Her understanding of how faith can bolster personal growth and healing is exceptional, making her guidance not just insightful, but deeply authentic and relatable. What truly sets Linda apart is her genuine passion for people. She listens with empathy, speaks with wisdom, and writes with clarity, making complex concepts accessible and engaging. This ability extends her influence beyond individual counseling sessions, as she shares her insights through various written materials. Linda’s unique blend of professional expertise, deep faith, and heartfelt commitment to others makes her an invaluable resource to those seeking change.


Transformational Coach

Linda is a highly competent life coach. She has an extraordinary ability to connect with people on a deep level in a very short timeframe. Throughout our sessions, Linda makes me feel like she genuinely cares and wants me to succeed. Her passion and commitment come through everything she does and says. When I discovered her on LinkedIn, I got goosebumps after reading her tagline, “Empowering you to step into a life worth living.” It was a powerful message that resonated deeply. It was also a tremendous promise to make. Yet, she delivers exactly that, and much more. I highly recommend Linda to anyone that wants to improve their quality of life. To anyone that wants to step into a life worth living. Linda will get you there with minimum effort. That’s just what she does.


Mental Health Advocate


Be transformed, overcome obstacles, and make a lasting impact on the world.
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